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What Parents Say


New Parent Feedback 2023/2024

Dear Mr. Jones,

I am writing to you to express my personal review on the past school year of 2023/24.

Firstly I would like to start by saying that Ross (XXX teacher) has most certainly become an asset to your school with his positive reinforcement attitude and great teaching techniques. Even XXX himself has expressed to me the positive bond he has developed with him, which as I’m sure you are aware is rare and very difficult for XXX at times.

The curriculum over the past year regarding days at college and most importantly the days at the farm and music site have been a hugely positive thing for XXX, in the sense that he very much enjoys attending them and finds that, especially after a day at the farm or creating music, that he is far more happy, relaxed and eager to learn in his normal school lessons. I can honestly say there isn’t anything that comes to mind that I would change about how he is taught or treated and as I’m sure you can understand, I find that very comforting and reassuring considering his somewhat colourful past regarding behaviour, as I’m sure you’re aware of.

I am very proud of XXX achievements over the past year and that is, in my opinion, due to both Ross and the team around him and I’m sure those achievements will continue to occur as time goes on into the next school year.

With all that being said, I would also like to bring your attention to the communication between myself and Ross. As it works somewhat faultlessly, and we can work together to overcome any difficulties XXX may be facing, whether that be behaviour related, finding the truth about situations or even rewarding positive behaviour.

Finally, to summarise this very positive email, I would just like to thank you and all of the staff that have had an input on XXX and his education. It is because of you all and the effort that you consistently put in for the benefit of the children at your school, that they will have a chance to succeed in life.

Kindest regards,


Dad said that he was really seeing B becoming proud of his learning that he is Reading and doing Maths and is proud of himself, Dad said that this is testament of the school, that he is achieving more than he has ever been able to do before.

Thank you so much to everyone there for helping him. That’s all his ever needed. Really appreciate you all.

BC dad-
Joe said that he was really seeing B becoming proud of his learning that he is Reading and doing Maths and is proud of himself, Joe said that this is testament of the school, that he is achieving more than he has ever been able to do before.

CH mum-
Thank you so much to everyone there for helping him. That’s all his ever needed. Really appreciate you all.


New Parent Feedback 2022/2023

The school is brilliant (and she is) really pleased with the school and can’t fault us. It is working really well for her son.

I am happy what I receive

It is reassuring to have all communication through one person, his teacher. It is good for continuity. My son is enjoying everything at school .

I have been really impressed with the way I as a parent am listened to. The college courses which have become available for my son has really helped boost his self-esteem.

Just to say that the school is excellent with how they go about teaching and growing my son.

Barley Lane School is a fantastic school and my little boy loves it , they do a great curriculum and he has come on leaps and bounds since he started.

School is amazing

My son has thrived here! You are amazing

I feel I get lots of support for myself and my son thank-you

His teacher is fantastic at making him get through his day. I cannot praise his work and he learns quickly that there are rewards after his work is done. He I think feels safe and supported by his teacher

I cannot thank you enough for providing what my son needs, and more. During the EHC assessment I outlined what I thought would be the ideal provision for my son and Barley Lane has exceeded that. I have only one complaint – please could you provide recipes for the delicious cooking that comes home every week!

Mr Richards is fantastic. Super friendly and approachable. In the words of my son “he’s the best teacher I’ve ever had”.

Lovely caring teachers ,approachable, dedicated.

The teachers work very professionally in every way. They are very dedicated and always are very helpful and supportive. Thank-you

My sons education is coming along nicely and we are overall very satisfied thank you.

Really looking forward to the forest school. This will be an amazing addition

“I would just like to say what an outstanding school you are, my son has gone from refusing to do any work and scared to make friends and keeping his emotions locked inside to the complete opposite in just 4 months. He’s learning to express his feelings, make new friends and completed every bit of work given to him. It’s like you have a magic wand. The hard work you teachers put in shines through the children. Thanks for helping my son.” 

‘I just want to say a big thank you to you all at Barley Lane for your support and dedication, you do a marvellous job in every aspect’.
Year 11 pupil parent

“You’re very welcome. I’m so grateful for all of you going above and beyond to help him that I’m more than happy to do what I can to help. Working together gives him the best education. It’s weird cause previous school was never like that. I’m glad he’s doing so well and is so happy to go to school.

Testimonials from our parents:

New parent Sept 2021 – “this is amazing, bet he’s loving it and so pleased he had a great day”.  – “I’m so happy, thank you for messaging me”

New parent Sept 2021 – “He’s just got home – wow!  What a smile he has!  Thankyou so much for taking such good care of home.  He said he loves school.  A sentence he has never spoken before (and I never thought I’d here).  I’m so pleased his first day was a huge success.  His finger is fine, just hurts a little.  He can’t wait to come back tomorrow!  How amazing!!”

New parent Sept 2021 – He loves the school so much, really enjoying it. He tells me everything, every day, He really enjoyed cooking yesterday and is looking forward to tomorrow.

Thank you so much, he really has grown, all the hard work has paid off [smiley face]. Its so nice to hear all the good things. I’m a very proud mum, and your msg did give me a few happy tears [bigger smilyer face!]

LEAVERS Parent comments

“He’s doing well and loving it, has made friends and seems to be settling in great.  He’s finding it very tiring, he’s struggling to find the balance with work and college but other than that he’s doing great.”

 “Hiya we are all good here, he starts [college] on Thursday but is doing well been working most the summer with his dad, so he came back about a foot taller, blond and with a really good tan lol”

“Hiya yes all good ta, started college so he’s happy.

Hi Patrisha 
Taylor was really pleased with his results, we all were 🙂

Taylors managed quite well with the transition, still misses barley lane and think he always will. To him you guys were like an extended family. He was there 5 1/2 years 🙂

Hi.. I will ask Josh to email you.. he’s doing amazingly thank you.. I hope you will all be as proud of him as I am.. and big thank you for every one for equally doing their bit to help josh become this amazing young man 😊

Leaver parent 2021 – “Thank you (staff member) for all you have done for him over the years.  His maths and english have really improved, and he is in a much better place”

Leaver parent 2021 – “Hi (Patrishia) thank you for the message, he’s really enjoying it at college but genuinely is missing barley lane